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Are you a friend, colleague or relative planning an event for a vegetarian or vegan? Is plant-based cooking and menu planning new to you?

Do you desire to serve your guests something they all will love – whatever their food preferences?

There is a real deficiency in the number of restaurants and caterers for vegetarians and vegans in the Dallas area – especially when compared to the veg-friendly city of Austin.

So Chef Kyla sharpened Kaleidoscope Kitchen’s business focus to accommodate this under-served market.

After acquiring the knowledge and motivation to follow a plant-based lifestyle, there is the task of preparing healthy meals or finding dining establishments that support those choices.

In an environment where the cultural landscape runs counter to personal dietary goals, making a lifestyle change is a daily challenge for many people.   

Why Choose Kaleidoscope Kitchen

      • First-hand personal & professional experience caring for special needs individuals and planning/cooking for individuals with chronic conditions who have dietary restrictions
      • Personal and family experience with vegan and vegetarian diets
      • Personal experience with menu planning/cooking for food allergies
      • Knowledgeable about ‘detox’ cleansing/energizing methods through juicing, whole foods organic smoothies and raw food diets